The Honor System

Nerf is unlike other shooting games such as Laser Tag or Paint Ball. In those games, there are ways to prove or quantify hits. But with Nerf, we rely strictly on the Honor System. That means if you feel or see a dart hit you, you're tagged. If someone is shooting at you point-blank, you're obviously tagged.  Anything else is considered cheating.

If you fire at someone and you see that they were clearly hit by your dart, call your hit. If they want to argue about it, be the mature one and let it go. It'll make it that much more satisfying when you hunt them down and get a clear shot.

Follow the Honor System to the best of your ability, and everyone will have a good time. We don't track win/lose ratios outside of individual games, so your personal kill/survival rate doesn't matter. Play fair.

Some game modes utilize referees for dispute settlement. Whatever the ref calls, is law.

The only repercussion for cheating is your own reputation. Cheat one too many times, and you'll become known as a cheater. Continue down this path, and it's possible for you to get banned from Nerf Night events. Don't be that person.


  • No physical attacks. No roughhousing. If you have a Melee weapon, only light hits are permitted. Excessively hard hits can get you kicked out of the game.
  • No head-shots. Nerf darts can be hard to control, but do your best to avoid peoples heads.
  • Wear eye protection. Prescription glasses, sunglasses, safety goggles, diving goggles are all considered approved eye protection.
  • Respect the environment. Don't break anything. Be aware that using this facility is a privilege, and it can be taken away at the drop of a hat.
  • Only Nerf or stock darts are permitted in play. No custom made darts. No Stefan darts.
  • No excessively modified blasters. If you have any questions about what constitutes "excessive" contact us. Most modified blasters are welcome.
  • The age limit for Nerf Night is 12. We highly recommend that children 11 years old and under NOT be present. If you do bring a child, you will be solely responsible for babysitting them and MAY BE BLOCKED FROM PARTICIPATION.
  • We do not offer Childcare.


One of the best reason to play Nerf is that you can play almost anywhere. However, every arena has it's own guidelines and limitations. Here are some common, arena specific guidelines.
  • Leave closed doors closed. No hiding in closets. No "secret" passages.
  • If there are obstacles in the arena, Don't move them. Don't hide underneath them.
  • If you're playing outside, do your best to follow the spacial limitations.

It's all about FUN!

  • Nerf darts get lost, broken, borrowed, and thrown away. Go into a Nerf war ready to lose most of your ammo. It'll make it that much more fun if you're not crying about ownership.

  • We typically run BYOB (Bring your own blaster). If you choose to let someone borrow a blaster, you and you alone are responsible for getting that blaster back, and the condition that blaster is in.

  • Try to avoid arguing. It delays the game, and doesn't fix anything. If someone is cheating, report it to a ref, and let it go.

Ready for Nerf Night?

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