Game Modes


Two teams begin the match on opposite sides of the arena. The object is for your team to kill every member of the other team.

  • Your team's color must be warn at all times
  • If you get hit, you're out of the game.

  • Players are given multiple lives, and re-spawn points are chosen for each team.

Zombie Apocalypse

The game starts with 1, 2 or 3 Zombies (depending on the size of your group) and everyone else is a human. All the humans begin the game at the same spot while the zombies have 30 seconds to run and/or hide. After 30 seconds are up, the humans spread out to try and kill the zombies, and the zombies try to convert as many humans as possible.

  • You cannot use any weapons.
  • To infect someone, you must touch them with your hand. Touching someone's weapon does not count.
  • If you get hit by a dart, you are "killed"
  • When you die, you must fall on the ground and count to 20 out loud. You must count loud enough for those around you to hear.
  • Once you have completed counting to 20, you are revived.
  • To kill a zombie, you must get a clean shot anywhere on their body. NO HEAD SHOTS.
  • If you get touched by a zombie, you are now infected.
  • Once you are infected, count to 20 out loud. You have the option to walk back to "home base" and drop your weapons, since you cannot use them once you're a zombie.
    • When walking back to home base, use the universal signal for "not in play" by pointing your blaster in the air as you walk.
  • No Melee weapons allowed in this mode.
  • Zombies are not allowed to hold any weapons.
  • All humans must be holding a weapon at all times.
  • Game continues until all humans are infected.
  • The last human standing is declared the winner.

Masters and Minions

​The game begins as a free for all with no teams, groups, or alliances. If you hit someone, that person becomes your minion and you are their master. The game continues until only 1 master is left standing.


You are in command of your minions and you must tell them what do you. (For instance "Protect me", "Fire at them!", "Follow close", "Kamikaze!", etc...)
You can have weapons and shoot, but you cannot take a minion's weapon.
If you get shot, you must declare to your minions that you are all now minions to a new master.


You must do what your master tells you (within the constructs of the game). Including suicide missions, and "meat shields."
You must follow your master within a reasonable distance (~40 feet max distance). No splitting up.
If you are shot, you are out of the game.
If your master gets shot, you are all now minions to a new master.

Kings & Queens

How to play:
  • The group is split up into teams of 2 (meaning each team only has 2 people in it. For instance, if you have 30 people total, there will be 15 teams.)
  • Each team is made up of 1 Royalty and 1 Knight.
  • Royalty and their Knight must stay together at all times. No Slitting up.
  • the object of the game is to collect the most "Royal Treasures" by shooting the most Royalty.
  • Once only 1 Royalty is left standing, the game is over. All the Royalty count their Treasures and the one with the most Treasures is the winner. Second place goes to the last Royalty standing.
  • Knights are invincible. The only way to kill a Knight is to shoot their Royalty.
  • Knights can carry any weapons they wish.
  • A Knight's main objectives are to protect their Royalty, and shoot the other team's Royalty.
Royalty (King or Queen):
  • Royalty have 1 life, and cannot carry any weapons. 
  • Royalty carry their "Royal Treasure" around their neck.
  • Royalty's main objectives are to survive and collect other Royalty's Treasure in their pockets. This "Earned Treasure" must be kept secret and NOT warn around their neck.
  • If a Royalty gets shot, both the Royalty and their Knight are out of the game. 
  • Also, the Royalty must hand over the Treasure around their neck to the opposing team who shot them. (NOT the treasure earned by shooting in their pocket, just the 1 around their neck must be relinquished)

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